Our Story

EqVersify, promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity within the equestrian community.

Started by the owner, Tia Hopkins, EqVersify holds a special place in her heart. She began riding around the age of 6, and has loved horses her whole life. EqVersify began as a pipe dream, that has come to life.

We believe that loving horses is what matters to an equestrian, we stand together!

Tia knew that she grew up privileged because she was able to compete at the top hunter levels as a junior rider. She understood that not everyone who loves horses had parents who could give their children the ability to ride everyday, own horses, and travel to compete at the top levels.

So we dreamed big.

Riding is just as much an individual sport as it is a team sport. Tia wants to create a safe community in which everyone feels welcome. She also wants to create a space where riders can learn about important topics in the equestrian community, learn about a new techniques in our discipline, and shop for clothes that make everyone feel and look good!

Goal: Create a new standard of inclusion for the horse community.

Tia hopes that as this business expands she can continue to support her mission of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity with the equestrian community.