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A Thanksgiving Thank you to the Horse World

To the horse world, I want to say thank you. Horses have always been my happy place. It has been a place of solace, even from the young age of four. I did not begin riding until I was eight, but I had begun my relationship with horses much sooner. My father rode horses as a child in Alabama and wanted to make sure I was exposed to them as well. Little did he know that those pony rides would turn into spending every evening at the barn, traveling to shows, or waking up at three in the morning to go to a horse show.    My parents nurtured my love of horses, and always encouraged me to follow my...

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Tips for Affording Horses - Part 2

Hi Everyone, and welcome back to part two of my two-part series about ways to make riding affordable. In this part, I will be giving a few tips from Jasmine Brown about how to make riding more affordable for adults. The world of horseback riding can seem like an elitist playground, but there are so many things you can do to help you make it more affordable for you. Check out her resources! I have attached a link here for you to check out her book. Do not be afraid of the dirty work! If you want something, you have to work for it. Many barns are looking for workers, or people to help out, it doesn’t hurt to ask...

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