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A Look Into the Vaulting World With Mikhail Proctor

Vaulting. Vaulting is described as gymnastics and dance performed in harmony on the back of a moving horse. This is an aspect of the horse world that I do not know much about, but I have always enjoyed watching. I am very excited to share my conversation with Mikhail Proctor, an amazing vaulter. Mikhail got started in the horse world through his own willpower. He started riding when he was five when his aunt took him to ride. He did not come from a family with lots of horse people, but he was able to ride friends' horses. He was able to work at the barn he rode at as a child in exchange for riding time. He began his...

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Concrete to Show Jumping

The Concrete to Show Jumping program is a collaboration between the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy(PURA) which is an extension and outgrowth of the Original Fletcher Street Stables and North Run. Their vision is to create interactions between their groups in an effort to bridge the gap between the worlds of Urban riders and Show Jumping riders.

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Christmas Treats 2020

This week's blog will look a little bit different! This week in preparation for the holiday I wanted to share a cookie recipe that is great for both horses and humans. The recipe does look a bit different for both, but they both end up looking picture perfect! I typically make myself a batch of shortbread cookies for myself, and peanut butter for my family and horses since I have a nut allergy. Today I will be sharing my Candy Cane Kiss Cookies for the humans and Peppermint muffin treats for the horses! I like to list my ingredients by weight because it is typically more accurate than the typical teaspoon and cups. I will list them both for these...

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

With the final days of guaranteed before Christmas day shopping upon us, I wanted to take some time to give some gift ideas for every budget. Whether this is a gift to yourself, or for someone else, these are some of my favorite ideas! We are in the middle of a pandemic, so please remember to try to shop small this year, as many small businesses are struggling. Most of these gift ideas are small businesses that you can support during this time. 25 and Under Cute Stirrup Covers and Polo Wraps I have three stirrup covers from this shop, and I absolutely love them! They are my favorite! They are super cute, protect your saddle, and give you a...

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Owning Your Riding Journey

Happy December all! This is just a quick blog talking about how everyone’s riding journey looks different, and my personal journey of learning to own it. If this is of interest to you, strap in and read on! Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure to meet equestrians of all walks of life and disciplines. I have been able to speak with many of them learning their journeys, careers, and how they got where they were. In looking back at my own journey, I know that I grew up privileged in comparison to many riders, but as a child, I compared myself to others. I saw people that had more than me, and I was constantly wishing for more....

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