Tips for Affording Horses - Part 1

Hi Everyone, and welcome to part one of my two-part series about ways to make riding affordable. In this part, I will be giving a few tips from Jasmine Brown about how to make riding more affordable for children. The world of horseback riding can seem like an elitist playground, but there are so many things you can do to help you make it more affordable for you

  1. Check out her resources!

    1. I have attached a link here for you to check out her book.

  2. Do not be afraid of the dirty work!

    1. If you want something, you have to work for it. Many barns are looking for people to help out. Local barns in your area may be willing to give riding lessons or discounted lessons in exchange for work. However, make sure you check with your guardians to see if they are willing to drive you to and from. 

  3. Use your time out of the saddle wisely.

    1. The average person can not ride every day but think about things you can do out of the saddle to improve your fitness, skills, or horse knowledge. That way, once you are back in the saddle, you can make the most out of your time. What will you do to set yourself apart?

  4. Make connections.

    1. Even if you can not ride. Reach out to people who are riders. Maybe you all will become friends, and you will get more barn time. There are so many people out there who want to share their love of horses with the world.

  5. Make your passion a job.

    1. There are so many jobs within the horseback riding world that you can continue your riding passion. You could become a trainer, a vet, work with sales horses, become a barn manager, run social media for a trainer or barn, or even an equine lawyer. There are tons of options for you to do if you want to make it work. Just be ready to put the time in!

  6. Saving!

    1. Saving is always important. Possibly you receive an allowance, you can take that money, save it up until you have enough for a lesson. If you want to do something, make sure you are doing your part to work for it.

  7. Think about the long term goal.

    1. Some colleges offer scholarships for riding. Yes, it of course takes a lot of work to get there, but if you want to go to college, paying or working for your riding lessons could be worth it in the end. This is a great way to use something you love to get you something you may need, a college education.

  8. Ask your parents!

    1. Of course, not every parent will say yes, but if you show them a plan about how you plan on helping out, they will not only be impressed with you, but they may be more willing to chip in. However, just make sure you are willing to put the hard work in to do your part to keep riding. Lastly, do not forget to say thank you! 


I hope that these tips will be helpful, and will encourage anyone who is struggling to keep going. If you ever need anything, please reach out to me as well. 

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