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Resources for Being an Ally to People of Color

Hi everyone! I am glad you could join me for another blog. This is just meant to be a chill blog that can help give you some of my favorite resources for learning more about being an ally to people of color. This is not a comprehensive list at all, but it has my favorite resources!


Guides and Starting the conversation!


    • This is by far my favorite guide out of all of them. It is constantly being worked on to make sure it is accurate, and up to date. It has a ton of other resources to help you on your journey. This guide is to help create a safe space for all, just like the EqVersify community. Please check this one out. There are a ton of great things in here!


    • I enjoy this resource because it has a great video that makes a beautiful starting point for beginning these conversations within communities. It has great links to people on Instagram that are constantly giving out new information and resources. They also provide amazing organizations to support, and that provide other resources. 


    • I was given this one by a friend. She enjoyed this resource because it shows what some People of Color are looking for in an Ally.


    • This is a great starting point for dipping your toes into learning to be an ally. It has it in easy to digest content. 


Has other resources within it

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