Marie Kondo but Make it Equestrian!

Hi everyone! Back with another blog to kick off our 2021! For this blog, I want to take some time to chat about the KonMari Method™. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to do something that would help me feel like I had a reset to mark a change from the crazy year that was 2020. I had watched her show before and figured it could be a good place to start. Marie Kondo started this method to focus on mindful cleaning and organization. If you haven’t heard of it, she has her own Netflix show. She talks about making it a lifestyle change as opposed to just cleaning, and I don’t know about you, but I need that this year. I am going to take you through the steps that I took to tidy up my life, more specifically when thinking about your equine equipment. I know I have a hard time getting rid of horse items, as I always deem everything as necessary. All I have to say is that my tack locker looks a lot better after this!

Step 1: Commit Yourself to Tidying up

I am a big believer in setting intentions, and that is exactly what this is. When you want to make an actual change in your life, you have to make an intention to do so. This helps you hold yourself accountable. I usually give myself rewards for completed intentions. While rewarding yourself, isn’t the Marie Kondo way, it helps keep me motivated. For this, I promised myself a new set of speakers for my computer. This help me set up an actionable goal, if I wanted those speakers, I had to get my tidying on! 

Step 2: Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle

Everyone’s life looks different. I love that she makes it easy to apply these ideas to anyone’s lifestyle. For myself, I wanted something that would be easy to maintain, but look nice if someone opened it up. As a student, employee, and business owner, I do not have the time to spend hours keeping everything tidy. I decided to just come up with some core things I wanted to work on (my room, my bathroom, my tack locker, my tack trunk, and my home horse equipment supply). She recommends writing or drawing what you would like everything to look like, but I created a Pinterest board instead. My main advice in this stage is to do you. You know yourself better than anyone and keep that in mind when coming up with a plan.

Step 3: Finish Discarding First

This step was the most different from my usual “purge.” I usually take everything out, go through everything while I am putting it away. She suggests getting rid of everything that does not spark joy. While in the horse sense, you can not do this, as you may have some essentials that you can’t get rid of, even if it doesn’t spark joy. I went into this step trying to be mindful, as I will usually go through everything and still not use a lot of the things I kept. For this step, I first separated everything, and I did things based on Step 4, by category. This helped me realize how much of something I had even if it was in a different place. This was my favorite step as it took about a week to go through everything mindfully. I took it one category at a time looking at something, thinking about my memories of that item, and then making my decision. If there was something that had sentimental value but no longer sparked joy, I first thought if there was a way to repurpose the item. If not, I took a photo, and I plan on making a scrapbook with these pictures and memories. Things that held no sentimental value, or had their pictures taken then were sorted into a giveaway and throw away pile. 

Step 4: Tidy by Category not by Locations

This is the most practical step for me. As I mentioned earlier, it helps you figure out how much you have, and if you need to get rid of more due to excess. This also helps you see how much space is going to be needed to store everything, and give you a better idea of proper organization. 

Step 5: Follow the Right Order

Tidying in order is a hard thing to do, but such an important step. Marie Kondo didn’t make her method specifically for equestrians, but this is the order that I created based on her recommendations. I tidied my regular clothes, horse clothes, books, horse equipment, my bathroom, and finally sentimental things. Clothes were easy, I first tried everything on. Things that did not fit right (too small, too big, or just not my preference) were automatically out. After that, I took into account if I wear these clothes, and if not I got rid of them.

Step 6: Ask Yourself if it Sparks Joy

This is the embodiment of her whole method, creating an environment in which everything around you sparks joy. This is something that changed my mindset when going into anything. So easily, we get sucked into doing things that don’t make us happy or purchasing items just because. This year more than any other, I want to be the change in my life that I want to see, and for me, that starts with tidying up my things!


Personally, maintenance is typically the hardest thing to do. It is when putting things back in their tidy place that I start to slack. I think well it is okay to not put it away correctly this once. However, the more you do that, eventually, you are back where you started. I hope to continue to apply her methods not only to more areas of my home but when purchasing items.

Let me if you started tidying up this year! Feel free to comment below, or send me a DM on Instagram! I want to hear from you all.

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