Introducing EqVersify

Hello everyone! 

Long time no see for some of you! I have not written a blog in quite some time. I have been struggling lately with my mental health, and needed to take a step back from writing as it was not bringing me any joy.

However! I have been feeling much better. I decided to start a YouTube for EqVersify because I wanted to be more personal with all of you. I wanted you all to be able to get to know me and I got to know you. After all, that is what EqVersify is all about. I hope you all have been doing well! Please enjoy this first ever video of EqVersify as we dive into why I started this business. 

I hope you enjoyed this first video! If you did don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to see all future videos. I will be posting new videos once a week! Don't be afraid to introduce yourself in the comments below! I want to get to know all of you!

With Love


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