All About the Owner!

Life Questions

  • Morning or night person?

    1. Night. I do not enjoy waking up early, unless it’s for horses!

  • Introvert or Extrovert?

    1. Either one depending on my mood

  • Double Jointed?

    1. In my thumbs!

  • Left or Right handed?

    1. Ambidextrous! This means that both of my hands are the dominant ones!

  • On time or always late?

    1. Early!

  • Coffee or Tea?

    1. Tea!! And Hot chocolate!

  • Am I a good Cook?

    1. I’d like to think so! I love cooking and making new things!

  • Pets?

    1. I currently have a dog named Oreo, and am looking for my next horse!

  • Cats or dogs?

    1. I am more of a dog person. Cats are cute, but I have never owned one.

  • Apple or Android?

    1. Apple everything!

  • Beach or Mountains?

    1. Beach person

  • Warm or Cold

    1. Warm weather all the way! While I love all of the seasons, and appreciating how beautiful it is, I tend to have a much better mood in the warm weather.

  • Speak any different languages?

    1. I was fluent in Spanish, but now I can not speak Spanish. Strangely enough, I can still understand others speaking in Spanish.

  • Wisdom Teeth?

    1. I just got my wisdom teeth out in September!

  • Have I participated in any sports outside of Horseback Riding?

    1. I played soccer, basketball, softball, track, and cross country! I played all of these but soccer in high school on top of my riding!

  • Favorite animal besides horse?

    1. I have always found white Siberian Tigers really cool! 

  • How tall am I?

    1. A mighty 5’1! My favorite story regarding my height is when I was trying out a new trainer. I had gotten on my horse, and was warming up and waiting for the new trainer. We had our lesson like normal, and I really liked her. I got down after we were done, and she says “Oh my gosh, you are so small. I never would have guessed this is how tall you are. Your legs look so long up there!”

  • Braces?

    1. I did in middle school!

  • Favorite Night Time Snack?

    1. Popcorn! However, since I got my wisdom teeth out, and I am not allowed to eat popcorn for 2 months, I have been eating a lot of ice cream!

  • Favorite meal of the day?

    1. Breakfast!

Horse Questions

  • Favorite horse growing up?

    1. Jasper! A cute little Warmblood horse that took me around my first 3’6 course.

  • Favorite horse colors?

    1. I love a dark bay gelding, but I also have a soft spot for cute light bay mares with white socks!

  • Favorite Breed?

    1. I am completely a Warmblood and Thoroughbred girl! I do not have any specifics besides that.

  • Favorite Discipline?

    1. I have been a hunter girl for a very long time! But I love exploring other disciplines. I am thankful to be a barn where they have a wealth of knowledge!

  • How long have I been riding?

    1. Since I was 6 or 7. My dad rode western as a child in Alabama, and had always kept me around horses. However, I did not start riding riding regularly until I was 6 or 7.

  • How many barns have I ridden at?

    1. I have had 4 main barns. My first two barns actually ended up shutting down, but not while I was riding at them.

  • Do I have a horse?

    1. Not currently, but I have this little cutie coming on trial!

  • Lease or Buy?

    1. I love leasing. I think it gives you a really cool experience to get to know a lot of horses without the long term commitment of buying. However, there is nothing like the bond between a rider, and their horse!

  • Horse show or no?

    1. I love horse showing! I think it's an amazing way to see how you are progressing, and see what you can improve upon. It is an amazing way to meet new friends within the horse world!

  • Flat lesson or Jumping lesson?

    1. I enjoy jumping lessons, they are exciting and fun. However, I love flatwork! I think it is so important for riding, and creates a great base for everything else you need in riding!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini get to know me series! Please let me know if you have any more questions for me!

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