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Learning to Appreciate my Body

Loving your body. This is something much easier said than done. I have struggled with this most of my teenage and adult life. My family is full of athletes, and I guess those genes get passed down. From the time I was a toddler, I had a very athletic body, large strong thighs, toned arms, and packed shoulders. This was very different from the picturesque idea of an equestrian that was always hoped into my mind. As someone who wanted nothing more than to ride for the rest of my life was a very discouraging thought.

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Setting SMART Equine Goals in 2020

At the beginning of the year, I like to set my goals. This includes personal, academic, and of course my equestrian goals. I have always been a goal-oriented person, but it wasn’t until attending a personal leadership conference my sophomore year of high school that I started setting SMART goals.

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Marie Kondo but Make it Equestrian!

For this blog, I want to take some time to chat about the KonMari Method™. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to do something that would help me feel like I had a reset to mark a change from the crazy year that was 2020. I had watched her show before and figured it could be a good place to start. Marie Kondo started this method to focus on mindful cleaning and organization.

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